Africa Villa

Africa Villa

villa con la piscina

Technical data sheet

Building measures: new construction of a holiday home of about 360 sqm on two floors in Bordighera.

Working period: 2016/2018; the outbuilding is under construction.

Client: a Scandinavian family


The project in a nutshell: starting with the excavations and the reinforced concrete, I studied the technical components and the stratigraphy of the walls, also dealing with the customisation of the two floors and creating ad hoc furnishing elements.

A unique and tailor-made project

I chose bronze doors and windows with a corner opening for the living room window and bronze and cedar wood sunshades.

Everything is unique: the bathroom furniture and the walk-in wardrobes made of teak and oak, the bathroom floors and wall tiles made of natural stone all cut to size, the decorative tiles for the gym made to my design in a limited edition for the villa, the cinema room covered in velvet and teak strips, and also the interior doors made of teak with bronze flush-fitting frames. Everything was customised.

Even the staircase connecting the levels of the house is a unique piece, with a steel core, covered in bronze and marble.

A great deal of customisation work was also done in the kitchen, which is made of backlit honey onyx, integrated with a teak wood storage part and emperador dark marble worktops.

For the interiors and finishes, I had complete freedom to propose materials and solutions. The result is a combination of elements and details, even different ones, mixed with great harmony.

Finally, the garden is just as I like it: a meeting of exotic and Mediterranean plants that enhances the spaces and makes them unique and pleasant to live in.

The interior furnishings

For the interior furnishings, I proposed a mix of elements: some family pieces, flanked by comfortable upholstered furniture of primary Italian manufacture, combined with unique pieces designed specifically for the villa.

I designed and commissioned the brass and blown-glass display cabinet, with sliding shutter doors to evoke, in a modern key, the wooden furniture of the 1950s.

The round dining table with its lacquered top and burnished brass legs, again designed by me, is flanked by lightweight vintage chairs that were skilfully restored and reupholstered with modern materials for maximum comfort.

To embellish the master bedroom, I chose a wall covered in leather tiles and a 17th century mirror with an asymmetrical frame: a real rarity, which I found at a French antique dealer and bought specifically to give the room a unique touch.


28 December 2020


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