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From the idea to the project.

I deal with building design with a holistic approach, including:

the preliminary design for the definition of the budgets and the works to be carried out;
the final design to obtain the qualifications required to carry out the works (building and urban planning procedures, procedures for obtaining permits for areas with environmental restrictions, or projects for the recovery of listed buildings that are constantly bound by the Fine Arts Department for their high aesthetic and patrimonial value);
the executive design and the detailed study of the construction methods, of the stratigraphies that make up the building (always different according to requirements), of the technological components and of the systems (in collaboration with experts in the sector);
the aesthetic choices concerning the finishes and furnishing elements, the lighting of the indoor and outdoor spaces, the gardens and the decorative and furnishing elements (such as the swimming pools or the areas equipped to enjoy the outdoor spaces), up to the design of customized furniture with lighting elements, or technical and decorative curtains to complete the work.
la realizzazione dell'opera, occupandomi della direzione lavori architettonica e artistica. Da sempre, infatti, collaboro con artigiani selezionati per realizzare i miei progetti in tutte le sue fasi. Non mi tiro mai indietro, soprattutto in cantiere: c'è sempre da imparare, scoprire e modificare! È lì che le mie idee prendono forma e questo mi dà grande soddisfazione.

My curriculum in a (very small) nutshell.

I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin with a final score of 110/110, then I attended specialization courses in lighting and green space design.

I started working in my family’s studio in 2001, and I have always been involved in renovation projects for existing buildings or new constructions in the residential field.

I carried out renovations of small flats with small budgets and complete renovations of residential buildings, even of 1000 square metres or more.

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